Our history


The Chicken Inasal’s (flame grilled chicken) special status in the hearts, mouths, and bellies of the Filipino people is something that Bacolod’s Chicken Delirecognizes and takes very seriously. Chicken Deli, which stands for “Chicken delicious,” was born in 1983 in the sunny city of Bacolod, which is itself the home of Inasal. The idea came about when Chicken Deli’s founder, Mamang, felt the need and the desire to feed people with the dish they so loved: Inasal.

It was obvious that Mamang took great care and put a lot of effort into serving up only the best quality Chicken Inasal, selecting only the choicest cuts and freshest ingredients to put the dish together. With that careful attention to food preparation and her super special secret recipe that makes her Chicken Inasal so different from the others, it was only a matter of time before business boomed for Mamang. And boom it did.


Before long, Mamang’s humble restaurant was overflowing with Bacolod natives, Manilenyos, and even foreign tourists who came to have a taste of the local fare. Even the most discerning foodies had something to rave about when they tasted Mamang’s savory, smoky, perfectly grilled chicken. Of course, the efficient service and affordable prices also helped in catapulting Chicken Deli to fame. In only a few years,Chicken Deli became a Bacolod institution, a household name, strong enough to withstand even the most catastrophic circumstances.

After taking Bacolod by storm, Chicken Deli has its sights set on conquering the Manila crowd. The speedy service and low prices, not to mention Chicken Deli’sdelectable food, will surely run well with the city dwellers.

Chicken Deli is perfect for the budget conscious because for less than a hundred pesos, one gets a complete lunch or dinner meal and for less than fifty pesos, one can get a merienda that’s filling for the tummy and light on the pocket.

The restaurant opened branches in Metro Manila at the SM City North Edsa Annex, Tutuban Center Mall, SM Santa Rosa and is now open for franchisers to continueChicken Deli’s time-honored tradition of serving delicious, high quality Chicken Inasal that’s been cooked with as much love and care as Mamang used to cook it in the old days.


Chicken Deli also serves other parts of the chicken that are flame grilled to perfection namely atay (liver), baticlon (gizzard), liog (neck), isol (butt) and pakpak (wings). All Deliciouse Meals are served with Kanin All You Can! garlic rice, soup and special sinamak or “sawsawan.”

Fit for the Pinoy taste and just like home cooked and prepared meals, Chicken Deli has other famous food offerings not available in other inasal food chains like the famous batchoy, sizziling squid, kare-kare with Mamang’s special bagoong and their very own take on the classic halo-halo, called HALO-DELI.

The Chicken Deli story is a symbol of hope that with hard work, good intentions and divine intervention, dreams do come true. The steady growth of Chicken Deli was credited by Mamang to Our Almighty God with special intercession from Our Lady of Lourdes and Pit Senyor Sto. Nino.